Dr Tracy Shaw

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Letter From Lonely

Dear: Lonely

It appears to me that through the years you made a conscious or unconscious decision to put your life on hold. However, you can begin to make changes and make healthier choices for yourself. If you are experiencing loneliness in your life usually, this is a sign that important needs in your life are not being fulfilled. From what you write you’ve created a world of isolation for yourself and now you need to begin to develop a support system for yourself and or a special companionship. There are several steps you can should to take to assist you in developing new friendships.

Put yourself in situations where you can meet people. Join organizations or activities that you have an interest. This will allow you to meet the kind of people you are interested in meeting people with whom you share a common desire (i.e., churches, clubs, community organizations and adult classes).

Challenge yourself at developing your social skills. Practice getting to know others and letting others get to know you. Practice smiling in the mirror or randomly greeting people you regularly see.

Remember not to prejudge others base on your past experiences. Often time people compare new friendships based on the relationships they’ve had in the past versus allowing themselves to develop new relationships.

Allow intimate friendships to develop slowly. As you learn to trust yourself and others you will begin to open up to share your feelings and emotions.

Remind yourself that your loneliness does not have to last forever.


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