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... by Jet say in most cases separate vacations are definitely a good idea for couples. "It's a good idea for couples to take separate vacations some of the time," says Dr. Larry Davis, professor of psychology ...
2. Letter From SJ
... to negotiate something we can to reverse the loss, saying things like “I do anything if this didn’t occurred”. Depression is the fourth stage. A feeling of sadness and despair about the loss is experienced. ...
3. Letter From Needing Help
... excessively. My family has always avoided using the word alcoholic to describe my mother and her problem and have rather preferred to say my mother lets her liquor get the best of her. I am truly at a ...
4. Letter From Angry
... As you breathe out, say the following cue words out loud and then quietly to yourself. “I AM IN CONTROL” or “I AM RELAXED”. Adding words to your deep breathing relaxes you and shifts the attention away ...
5. Letter From Confused
... is in their lives, but I think they would benefit from a father in the home. I am currently seeing someone and I can honestly say I love this man but at the same time I don’t believe we are looking for ...